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Company Website Category Sub-Category Company ICO
A R P Research Ltd Research07342249Z2359061
A1 Social Care Training
AA plc & pay day loans5149111Z8993633
ADC Contact Solutions (PTY) Ltd
AIG Europe Ltd insurance1486260Z9265754
AXA UK plc insurance2937724Z7036121
Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism
Access DM Ltd companies11257075ZA331374
Accord Legal Services Ltd Writing08334845ZA027840
Acxiom Ltd companies01182318Z5459609
Adidas (UK) Ltd equipment12821334ZA025553
Adlib Finance
Aerial Direct Ltd companies08043921ZA005815
Africredible Ltd servicesOutsourcing14823799ZB631458
Age UK charities6825798Z1669914
Agventure Farms ProductsInvestments12576594
Alison Johnstone ResearchZA687147
Alzheimer's Society & medical charitiesCharity no. 296645Z6160647
Amalfi Outsourcing companies12780113ZA641415
Amazon UK Services Ltd retail3223028Z5176040
Amnesty International rights charities3139939Z8131207
Anglian Home Improvements improvement9905204Z6811149
Anglo Indian Beverage LtdRetailFood & drink outlets07965451
Archant Community Media Ltd & LifestyleMagazines & newspapers00019300Z6513805
Arsenal Football Club
Art of the Possible LtdMarketingMarketing companies11771301
Arthritis We Care LtdMobilityHealth08122611ZA464159
Assura Financial Ltd T/A Cover Cloud / Mortgage Cloud insurance10781585ZA843395
Assured Finance Ltd
Assured Futures Ltd insurance03040737Z5543641
Audience Serv GmbH companies
Aura Media Grouphttps;// companies11239047ZA324659
Auspicer Infotech Pvt Ltd insurance12135810ZA537902
Aviva plc insurance2468686Z8374799
B&Q plc improvement973387Z6377279
BD Promotions Ltd
BMG Research Research2841970Z5081943
BMW (GB) Ltd
BT Group plc companies4190816Z8339253
BWT Ltd Companies01386074Z682020X
BY THE WHARFE Ltd T/A Tapas & Tunes
Baker Richards Consulting Ltd Consulting servicesSegmentation/Software04840675Z8080817
Balkan Holidays Ltd
Barclays Bank plc & building societies1026167Z5813704
Be Money Savvy Ltd T/A Compare My Policy ComparisonInsurance08484524ZA520247
Beagle Street
BeeBu Telecom Ltd companies08635537ZA209021
Beer52 Ltd & DrinkSC449930ZA359384
Belgrave1 improvementsLoft insulation13946569ZB420357
Bespoke Hotels (Designs) Ltd and property ownership10012842ZB004780
Bespoke International Group LtdFinanceFinance11994759ZA533359
Better Health Insurance Advice Ltd insurance08380903Z3588924
Blood Cancer UK & medical charitiesCharity no. 216032Z6871195
Bloxt Ltd ImprovementsConstruction15294327ZB650975
Blue Bay Travel Group
Blue Cross charities363197Z578757X
Bonsai Processing Ltd T/A PCP Portal ClaimsLead Generation09565190ZA787169 Ltd booking3512889Z4587117
Boots UK Ltd
British Gas Trading Ltd, gas & oil providers3078711Z5929088
British Heart Foundation & medical charities699547Z8000253
British Seniors Insurance (Neilson Financial Services Ltd) insurance7986483ZA125017
C Click Ltd LifestyleHealth and Wellbeing11226890ZA445028
C W Publishing LtdHousehold & TechnologyFilm online & Print05835226Z2278914
C-Centric Ltd companies7096453ZA188569
CACI Ltd companies1649776Z6633438
CBD Brothers T/A The Original Alternative LifestyleHealth and Wellbeing11588999ZB170813
CDS Labour (Agriculture) Ltd
CIS General Insurance Ltd insuranceIP29999RZ9216761
CLC World Resorts & Hotels and property ownership3123199Z6762365
Call Credit Ltd
Car Protect Ltd insurance3424538Z2832218
Carphone Warehousehttps://carphonewarehouse.comUtilitiesTelecom companies6306526Z7653502
Castle Sales and Lettings LtdHousehold & TechnologyReal Estate14100379ZB499774
Centasource Ltd & savings10554878ZB087738
Chandos TradingFinanceStock brokersZB507635
Chelsea Football Club
Cheval Legal Ltd
Choose Leads Ltd companies8241795ZA031580
Church of Scientology Religious Education College Inc as a ReligionN/ABR011185TBC
Circle Health MyWay Ltd insurance14186896ZB487423
Cisco Homes Ltd improvementsLoft insulation10288094ZA276013
Civanta Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd companiesZA518352​
Claims Hub Ltd ManagementHousing Disrepair12657732ZA842165
Click Labs Group services11179160ZA451907
Consumer Compensation Bureau Ltd
Consumer Credit Justice Ltd companies06870309Z3203665
Consumer Refund Service Ltd companies7881105Z3563634
Contact Labs Group Ltd companies13171473ZA937814
Crisp White Sheets
Currys (DSG Retail Ltd) retail504877Z5788635
Curzon Claims Ltd T/A Clockwork Claims
DBS Datamarketing Ltd companies6394529Z8475760
DFS Trading Ltd furnishings7236769Z5995717
DML Connect Ltd companies10432250ZA212218
Daimler Insurance Services UK Ltd
Data Baby Direct Marketing Ltd companies8509409ZA002757
Data Bubble Consultancy Ltd companies07061193Z2077320
Data Creative Ltd companies13157431ZA865217
Data Creative Marketing Ltd companies14713596ZB513276
Data Enhancement Solutions services12645163ZA774594
Data Junkie LtdMarketingMarketing companies11723395ZA481964
Data Locator Group Ltd companies6742075Z1562157
Data Quality Management Group Ltdhttps://www.dqmgrc.comMarketingMarketing companies3264646Z4561463
DeadHappy Ltd Insurance08624700ZA456196
Debenhams plc & clothing5448421Z9600991
Department For Transport (DFT) DepartmentTransportZ7122992
Digital Vanie LtdMarketingMarketing companies14986983ZB577854
Direct Call Solutions Pty Ltd companiesZA546958
Direct Data Services (DDS) Ltd companies6064780Z2181548
Direct Line Insurance Group PLC insuranceAC001576ZA450529
Discount Experts retail09703888ZA566507
Doll Smash Cosmetics Ltd & LifestyleCosmetics12573684ZB268472
Drive Fuze Ltd
E.ON UK plc, gas & oil providers2366970Z7344422
EC Outsourcing servicesOutsourcing11988641ZA001682
ECO4 Hub Ltd improvementsECO Government Grants14609377EB504234
EDF Energy plc, gas & oil providers2366852Z7005326
EE Ltd companies2382161Z7510687
ESB Connect Ltd companies08235436ZA074763
ESB Energy Ltd, gas & oil providers09688977ZA264572
Eco Carbon Traders Ltd improvement8619571ZA066034
Eco Home Group Ltd products & services9452482ZA252894
Ekata Services7031967ZA108055
Emailmovers Ltd companies5046417Z9714386
Emma Sleep UK Ltd
Energy Compare Ltd companies08445039ZA001682
Envo Energy Solutions
Equifax Ltd companies2425920Z6564696
Euro Seal Windows Ltd improvement04176895ZA121626
Everton FC
Everyday Lending Ltd t/a Everyday Loans/Trust Two/Selfy Loans & pay day loans05850869Z9591892
Evo Online Ltd & LifestyleHealth & Wellbeing12680020ZB044838
Evolution Money Ltd & pay day loans06987852Z3270893
FIFA AssociationSport
FairPlane UK Ltd Companies09365728ZA121862
Family Assurance Friendly Society Ltd & savings09176069Z6203807
Family Equity Plan Ltd & savings2208249Z4903448
Fibrus Networks Ltd companiesNI612703ZA842037
Finely Fettled Ltd companies09222299ZA124625
First Utility Ltd, gas & oil providers5070887Z9239990
Foods by GOE Ltd & LifestyleHealth & Wellbeing13562966ZB261462
Ford Motor Company Ltd
Fortuna Plus Ltd improvement05836921ZA287906
Four Seasons Hotel Group
Friends of Wisdom & medical charities01632714Z6811533
Frisuk Ltd T/A Waddle Insurance Insurance09969893ZA316697
Fusions BPO Services Ltd Companies7484788Z3154361
Future PLC Ltd
Fuzzy Brush Investments ProductsInvestments06772627
Gallagher (Arthur J Gallagher & Co) Insurance6578719Z7537842
Generic Maths Ltd & Research05198642Z1880744
Get Me a Boiler (InvestEco Ltd) ImprovementsBoilers11409312ZB279046
Giga Outsourcing Pvt Ltd companiesZA538279
Go Live Data Ltd companies12578055ZA754764
GoGroopie retail07363687Z2415075
Golden Egg Group companies12744873ZA780833
Golf Support retail05426116ZA540963
Green Star Energy, gas & oil providers5936023ZA006527
Greenspace (UK) Ltd improvement08542786ZA068758
Guide Dogs for the Blind charities291646Z5672321
HIS Limited ( & LifestylePrice comparison websitesNI622351ZA060737
Heating4Life Ltd repair & maintenance14211654ZB368711
Help Your Claim Ltdhttps://www.helpyourclaim.comFinanceClaims Companies6880392Z21722780
Help Your Future Ltd Plans11999129
Hiscox plc insurance2837811Z6445902
Home Appliance Guard Ltd T/A Zest Plan ProductsWarranty5927936Z2849365
Homeforce Services Ltd T/A Homeforce repair & maintenance12367565ZA874182
Hookk Ltd Companies14433215ZB437636
Hot Leads Ltd services10767448ZA252743
Housing Triage
Howden Insurance (formerly known as A-Plan Insurance)
Hutchison 3G UK companies3885486Z5513412
IES Ltd Insurance04056769Z8754230
IG Index Ltd & Savings1190902Z4707095
IG Markets Ltd & savings4008957Z5369625
IM Group Ltd
Indicia Ltd companies3896557Z4986155
Infinics Technologies Pvt Ltd companies12427716ZA651268
Influx IT Solution / Influx Infotech Pvt Ltd companies13974013ZB332864
Informate UK Ltd. companies6127581Z1127069
Insurance Dialogue Ltd T/A Insure 4 Retirement Insurance04683616Z8329823
Interactive Results Ltd ResearchSC487971ZA085098
International Management Group (UK) Ltd companies
Interrog8 Ltd companies10886132ZA274506
Invive Business Strategists companies8354215Z3511190
InvoiceDrop Ltd Development09293846ZA825965
Ipsos (Market Research) Ltd Research00948470Z5502515
J D Williams & Company Ltd & clothing178367Z6624329
JTL Research ResearchZA541247
Jacamo (JD Williams & Company Ltd) & clothing178367Z6624329
John Lewis plc stores & supermarkets233462Z1307441
Just.Glass Ltd improvement11291348ZA789876
Kalkine Media Ltd representation servicesZB00448212643132
Karma Response S.L.http://karmaresponse.comMarketingMarketing companiesB66925538
Kesscor GroupMarketingMarketing companiesZA477751
Kindred Soul Ltd representation services11383015ZA728760
Known Media companies09238504ZA177691
Kwik Fit
L'Oreal (UK) Ltd & Beauty00271555Z7412495
LEGO Company Ltd
Lake Communications Ltd T/A Lake Market Research Research01126638Z121330X
Latch Media Ltd companies10739395ZA248834
Law Plus Solicitors
Lead 365 Ltd companies9973434ZA214185
Legal & General Group plc insurance01417162Z8856410
Legal Ventures Ltd T/A Air Travel Claim
Legal Ventures Ltd T/A Claims Advisory Services
Leicester City FC
LexisNexis Risk Solutions UK Ltd companies07416642Z2939520
Lichfield Mortgages Ltd & TechnologyReal Estate13936000ZA081458
Lifestyle UK companiesU72900WB2019PTC235293ZA700669
Little Fish Digital AgencyZB279609
Little Ones UK Ltd
Littlewoods (Shop Direct Ltd) & clothing4663281Z7738199
Liverpool FC
Lloyd James Media Ltd Companies7629294ZA100881
Lloyds Bank plc & building societies2065Z5313128
LocaliQ Companies00157678Z8884774
Longstem Ltd T/A London Real SectorPolitical08372039ZA918007
Lothian Broadband Networks Ltd
MATW Project charitiesCharity no. 1201110ZB579011
MS3 Networks Ltd
Mac Fin Client Services Ltd T/A Clear Choice Utilities, gas & oil providers8774179ZA029487
Magnet Ltd T/A Magnet Kitchens improvement02762625Z5683553
Magnum Properties (NE) Ltd & TechnologyReal Estate08718044ZB097684
Mahe Technologies Pvt Ltd companies12521908ZA172212
Make a Smile & medical charities01511841Z7113713
Manchester City FC
Manchester Utd FC
Marketing Metrix Ltd companies5314091Z9126086
Matters Family (Datablazers Inc) CompaniesCS201408819ZA183726
Max Talk Communication Ltd T/A Max Prospect companies11145020ZA761352
McCann-Erickson Advertising Ltd companies1372305Z5991425
McCarthy & Stone (Developments) Ltd & TechnologyReal Estate06622183Z1719019
Mckenzie Jones AssociatesFinanceFinance12367274ZA613303
Mdeg companies7817654Z2944900
Media Bowl Ltd companies7675128Z2763280
Medialab Group Ltd companies4982335Z1959525
Mercedes-Benz Cars UK Ltd
Mercedes-Benz Financial Services UK Ltd
Mercedes-Benz Retail Group UK Ltd
Mercedes-Benz Trucks UK Ltd
Mercedes-Benz Vans UK Ltd
Mergen Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd Research12495547ZA762297
Merkle/DBG companies4238272ZA285873
Metabolic Healthcare Ltd T/A LloydsDirect
MoneyPlus Group Ltd advice07310059Z2422578 Ltd & pay day loans3945937Z9133530
Mr Savvy LtdMarketingMarketing companies10852341ZA3623338
My Consumer Choices Ltd companies13352485ZB053628
My Grants Energy Ltd improvementsInsulation12002246ZB102002
NEXT plc & clothing4412362Z2902693
NPower Ltd, gas & oil providers3653277Z6981444
NSPCC’s charitiesCharity no. 216401Z6593104
Nabuh Energy Ltd, gas & oil providers9812753ZA263351
National Injury Claimline Ltd
National Intensive Ltd & LifestyleDriving School08903415ZA511064
National Lottery (Camelot UK Lotteries Ltd)
Neilson Financial Services Ltd & savings7986483ZA125017
Neos Ventures Limited T/A Sky Protect insurance09941700ZA186061
New Day Cards Ltd cards4134880Z5599433
New Day Ltd cards7297722Z272680X
New Generation Data Ltd companies8266127ZA125812
Newlife the Charity for Disabled Children & medical charities1170125Z8075562
Nextdoor Europe UK Ltd & LifestyleCommunity services09833572ZB695273
Noticed Ltd T/A DrMoneySaver companies10399599ZA218916
Nottinghamshire Hospice & medical charities01509313Z6967154
Nutec Foam Ltdhttp://www.nutecsprayfoam.comRetailHome improvement13008087ZA362946
Nutec Glass Ltd improvement11120592ZA362946
Nutribust Ltd retail12117119ZA821547
O2 (Telefonica Europe PLC) companies5310128Z8971674
Octopus Energy Ltd, gas & oil providers9263424ZA156851
Old Street Marketing Ltd companies9164048ZA134933
One Family T/A Family Assurance Friendly Society Ltd & savingsZ6203807
One Life Funeral Planning Plans13084196ZA925512
Opinion Research Services Ltd research2904006Z5999676
Optimal Media Solutions Ltd companies12394806ZA619718
Orbit Energy Ltd, gas & oil providers9933313ZA298457
Outsource Strategies Ltd T/A Premier Plants Retail12553312ZA757664
Ovo Energy Ltd, gas & oil providers6890795Z2242454
Oxfam World charities612172Z542873X
P&O Cruises (Carnival plc)
Pact Coffee & LifestyleFood & Drink08199187ZA021349
Paladin Client Management Ltd
Parkway Mortgages Ltd
Pay4leads Ltd companies13965638ZB566167
Pemlix Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd companiesU72900WB2019PTC232246ZA781601
People's Energy, gas & oil providers09844617ZA765188
Phillipson Hardwick Advisory
Plus Four Market Research Ltd Research1005739Z8388920
Portafina Investment Management Ltd & savings10290349ZA243640
PrecisionBiotics Ltd & LifestyleHealth & Wellbeing300148
Premium Lithium Ltd Companies10624408ZB394391
Preston Baker & Associates Ltd & TechnologyReal Estate07032389Z2352427
Purely Pyrenees
Pursuit Marketing Ltd companiesSC399884ZA516993
Pyramid Consultants Ltd
QRS Market Research Ltd Research02827951Z4975915
Qatar Airwayshttps://www.qatarairways.comAirlineLeisureZA075216
Qatar Tourist Council board
Qplay Ltd
Quick Tax Claims Ltd
RAC Motoring Services insurance1424399Z6342667
RBS (The Royal Bank of Scotland (1727) Ltd) & building societiesSC046419Z5957925
REC Switch And Save Ltd Switching09586834ZB537356
RSA Insurance Group plc insurance2339826Z7334929
Raffle Winners UK Ltd
Reclaim Legal Ltd T/A Reclaim My PCP
Reclaim My PPI Tax Ltd
Redmond Douglas Associates Ltd companies5054058Z8511862
Rockpool Research Associates Ltd Research08479290ZA086243
Roqad companies13970988
Rosevine Media LtdMarketingMarketing companies12495254ZA748014
Rundle & Dorey Ltd improvement9380661ZA272322
SK Sales and Leads Ltd companies13024412ZB561337
SSE plc, gas & oil providersSC117119Z9535820
Sabre Insurance Company Ltd insurance202795Z757767X
Saga plc
Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Ltd stores & supermarkets3261722Z4722394
Sandhurst Associates Ltd t/a Sandhurst Associates & pay day loans06958589Z2032925
Santander UK plc & building societies2294747Z8737433
Sauce & Brown Ltd Retail08583465
ScottishPower Energy Retail Ltd, gas & oil providersSC193794Z6531872
ScottishPower Smart Solutions panels & Air source heat pumpsSC193794Z6531872
Seawave Media Ltdhttps://seawave-media-ltdMarketingMarketing companies6958800Z257475X
Secret Escapes Ltdhttps://www.secretescapes.comTravelTravel Club7026107Z2602094
Secure Home Systems Ltd improvement09729650ZB223426
Shavekit Ltd retail08720732
Shell Energy Retail Ltd provider05070887Z9239990
Sight Savers & medical charitiesCharity no. 207544Z549394X
Simplify Digital Ltd & LifestylePrice comparison websites6095563Z1087926
Simplybe (JD Williams & Company Ltd) & clothing178367Z6624329
Sky UK Ltd Companies2906991Z6165064
Smart Insurance (Neilson Financial Services Ltd) insurance7986483ZA125017
Societe D'Exploitation De L'Hotel Country Club T/A Mouratoglou Hotel & Resort
Solar Project UK improvementsSolar10340107C1407904
Solved Digital Ltd companies13596041ZB189839
Spar (UK) Ltd Stores & Supermarkets00634226Z6643707
Spark Energy Ltd, gas & oil providersSC3011884Z9793745
St Helena Hospice t/a Your Hospice Lottery
Stubben Edge (SE Labs) Ltd insurance10435194ZA333064
Subaru (UK) Ltd
SunLife Ltd & savings5460862ZA244005
Sunlite Group Ltd improvementsSolar11580391ZB583855
Swift Research Ltd Research03151774Z7026034
T L S Data Ltd companies4995925Z9420023
TLD Wealth Management Ltd insurance09412791ZA103819
TOTO Energy companies9256482ZA208213
TPL Media (Tele Prospects Ltd) companies5091787Z9386334
TS UK Group Ltd & clothing12368180ZA872728
TV Licensing
TalkTalk Telecom Ltd companies04633015Z8323896
Teenzshop Ltd
Tesco plc stores & supermarkets445790Z7055743
The AA insurance2414212Z707928X
The Blue Rooms (London) Ltd & LifestyleModelling04766975Z3280397
The Carphone Warehouse Ltd companies2142673Z7653502
The Data Partnership Group Ltd T/A TDP Agency companies00612316ZA537625
The Data Source (UK) Ltd companies08936427ZA077887
The Data Source Group Ltd companies12707584
The Green Quen LtdRetailOnline retail12744263ZA818940
The Myton Hospices & medical charities1628455Z4806572
TieTa UK Ltd Services08229001ZA771220
Tomato Energy Ltd
Toro Blanco Personal Training Ltd T/A TB Active HolidaysTravelHolidaysSC647555ZB414565
Tottenham Hotspur FC
TwentyCi Ltd companies6943607Z2201604
Tyler Hampshire Ltd companies14739509ZB684971
UIA (Insurance Services) Ltd insurance2998952Z9418341
UK Changes (Direct Select (192) Ltd) companies2595651Z5203996
UK Datahouse companies11039626ZA290833
Usay Compare
Utilita Energy Ltd, gas & oil providers4849181Z3255179
Utilita Telesales Ltd companies6484720Z2233345
Utility Renewals Ltd & LifestylePrice comparison websites6601463ZA178644
V3 Outsourcing Solutions Ltd & LifestyleMarketing companies11863483ZA503863
Vanquis Bank Ltd & pay day loans02558509Z767493X
Verisure Services (UK) Ltd
Victor Assets and Estates Ltd T/A Capital 84 & TechnologyReal Estate11615087ZB339321
Victor Hydon Ltd T/A Your Claim Matters
Visit Bahrain board
Visit Qatar board
Vodafone Ltd companies1471587Z1933885
Volkswagen Group UK Ltd
Volvo Car UK Ltd
WAF Technologies Pvt Ltd Companies12899866ZA791256
We Breathe Media Ltd services11179160ZA451907
Webalytix Ltd ServicesData Analysis6937227ZA188392
Wessex Heartbeat & medical charities5924982ZA399287
Window Cleaning Services Ltd & TechnologyHousehold Goods & Services10161440ZB647272
Wise Financial Solutions (MCR) LtdFinanceFinance14806618ZB536668
World of Solar Ltd improvementsSolar11645001ZA560901
Wowcher Ltd retail04264984Z3213903
Wyndan Group Ltd T/A Wyndan Claimshttps://www.wyndangroup.comFinanceClaims11203601ZA318006
X Channel Marketing Ltd companies7034601Z2143298
Yes Consumer Solutions Ltd companies10596925ZA507797
YouPro Ltd
Your Review Ltd insurance13138549ZA847108
Your Will Matters (a trading style of Tele Prospects Ltd) ServicesWill Writing & Estate Planning05091787Z9386334
YourLifestyle Habits (Expertbizz UK Ltd) companiesU74999WB2019PTC233908ZA656445
Yourlottoservice UK Ltd
ZENB & LifestyleHealth & Wellbeing12225182
Zain Global (UK) Ltd & Research10059956ZA183740
Zoe's Place Baby Hospice & medical charities4446416Z291802X
Zurich Insurance plc insuranceBR7985Z9435732
Zuru Jersey Ltd companies09236407ZA087535
uSwitch Ltd & LifestylePrice comparison websites3612689Z5676996